Shine Music

Shine Music is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on making live music accessible for all.


Shine Music


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As a non-profit, Shine Music needed a media rich website that was easily updatable and affordable. WordPress was originally selected for their CMS, however, it was not user friendly for the non-technical team members.

Project Goals

Redesigning the Shine Music website on the MozaroCMS platform was essential in empowering the entire team to manage the website content. As a non-profit, most team members are tasked with multiple roles, to keep administrative costs at a minimum. The WordPress site was not intuitive and hence placed the responsibility of managing the website on the shoulders of only one person.

The Details

Shine Music replatformed to the MozaroCMS in order to display the extensive media assets from the first Shine Music Festival in a way that was easy to manage and view.

Making the site accessible was a priority and a massive undertaking since the bulk of the content was images and videos from the event.

Ultimately, the Shine Team decided on an accessibility note informing visitors to the gallery page that, although each photo had ALT Tags, with over 1,000 images, listening to a screen reader may not prove to be the most enjoyable experience.

Project Summary

The new Shine Music website was launched in October 2021.

Mozaro continues to support Shine Music on creating accessible marketing materials and onboarding of captioning software.